Zoom NUC Provisioning Outline from Scratch:

1. Plug in Power, HDMI cable to display and Keyboard (No network). 

2. Plug in touch controller if you have one (ex. Logitech Tap)

3. Go through the initial windows account creation steps, decline to enter a Microsoft account login

     a. If it doesn't allow you, follow steps outlined here to disable network verification: 


4. Name the initial admin account "Zoom Admin", password "Zoom123"

5. Connect Network Cable

6. Once logged into windows admin account, navigate to "Users" in settings. 

7. Create new user, name Zoom, password Zoom123

8. Hit the Windows key, search for "Run" program. Enter "Regedit" to run registry editor. 

9. In Registry Editory, Navigate to:

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion"

10. Right Click WinLogon > New > String. Name it "AutoAdminLogon". Double click, set value to 1

11. Right Click WinLogon > New String. Name it "DefaultUserName" Double click, set value to "Zoom"

12. Right Click WinLogon > New String. Name it "DfeaultPassword" Double click, set value to "Zoom123"

(If any of these strings already exist, just edit the value)

13. Restart computer, should automatically login to Zoom account.

(If it does not, windows key, search for "netplwiz" And uncheck the box that says "Users must enter a user name and password" if you can

14.Download and install Zoom Rooms for Conference Rooms and Touchscreen Displays within Zoom login. (64 bit version)
     a. Follow all steps and allow Zoom to make changes to the windows configuration

15. Enter activation code provided by client, select correct USB drivers. 

16. Navigate to Control Panel > View By Large Icons > Sound: 

     a. Select correct playback device as Default/Default Communication Devices

     b. Select Recording device as Default/Default Communication Device

     c. Disable any unused sound drivers (Not Logitech TAP HDMI Ingest)

17. Make sure these driver selections in control panel match the ones selected in zoom ui peripheral settings

18. Reboot PC In safe mode, navigate to Power, Performance and Cooling > Secondary Power Settings (i7NUC) >

     a. Set "After Power Failure" > Set to "POWER ON"

     b. Reboot PC, try pulling power and plugging in to make sure NUC reboots automatically