Instructions for Provisioning Teams/Zoom Intel NUCs

  1. Have Room Controller Connected via USB upon NUC start up
  2. Have USB Keyboard+Mouse Connected upon NUC start up
  3. Initial sign in:
    1. (Teams) Ignore initial Teams configuration page on controller, hit <Windows Key x5> to get to Windows login screen
    2. (Zoom) Ignore initial zoom sign in page, hit <Windows Key x5> to get to Windows login screen.
      Log into Admin, when prompted to change password, leave current password blank. Save new password as: "Zoom123"
  4. Download and Install Google Chrome:
  5. Download and Install Offline Logitech Sync App:
  6. Download and Install Synaptic Display Link Drivers:
  7. Download and Install All available Windows Updates. Restart Device as needed. 
  8. Pin On-Screen Keyboard and File Manager to Taskbar for technical convenience
  9. Restart device, sign into device
    1. Zoom: Enter Activation Code as supplied via client's zoom portal
    2. Teams: Enter email and password (Teams Only) and enable Modern Authentication
  10. Once device is logged in, return to Admin login to finish any other Windows Updates that may now be available. 
  11. Update Platform app to latest version:
    1. Zoom: From Zoom Admin Portal> Room Management> Devices> Click Up Arrow to Upgrade Zoom app version to device for corresponding room. You may need to alter Zoom's update schedule under Device Management if active hours are prohibiting updates
    2. Teams: Push Teams app update via Teams admin portal.
      1. Optional: Manually update Teams version via powershell commands:
    3. Both Teams and Zoom updates may take several minutes to push from their servers, be patient!
  12. Re-Imaging a Zoom NUC: This may need to be done in the event a password was set and lost


  13. Re-Imaging a Teams NUC: This may need to be done if the device repeatedly fails to sign in with the correct credentials