Zoom requires you to register a generic device in the zoom phone section of the zoom portal in order for SIP information to be generated. You may have to submit a feature request with zoom in order for "generic" to appear in brand.

Zoom asked for the following information in regards to enabling the feature request:

1 ) How many units are you looking to configure manually? However many devices
2 ) Does it support SIP registration? Yes
3 ) Does it support the use of a wildcard SSL certificate? Yes
4 ) Does it support TLS 1.2/SRTP security protocol? Yes to both
5 ) What are its TLS 1.2/AES -256 cipher sets?
 a=crypto:1 AEAD_AES_256_GCM_8 inline:OxM/3PqBxyWsJlgQBcE8LH6Y9Rg7/ccspbolPPhTj0Y19Q2PkV8/XK1j0kg
   a=crypto:2 AEAD_AES_128_GCM_8 inline:Cp5cEYdMDVzF+VCVEehKs38g3M1bAfRmN3mXHQ
   a=crypto:3 AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_80 inline:3AIgfSM5J2YIjP9JURwfLtRjuRDsc/o6x0kHFaWqRG8CuhDBjPEf+YjuI/YzQg
   a=crypto:4 AES_CM_192_HMAC_SHA1_80 inline:QCa+lfgm2A8LJE4NVl04IV+QO46JeUK4da04NETY/PhdIlzn12M
   a=crypto:5 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 inline:qPtIwjqu9fdx8NYRZWTkAEqzP8JVtbzu+eqe/8NZ
   a=crypto:6 AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_32 inline:+CmvwRhxuIPHBxrmQvUxhYeXna0WbORj78tSyesL4tWGlfkXo0phFaVnJ4qArQ
   a=crypto:7 AES_CM_192_HMAC_SHA1_32 inline:kXARxk3CDq5oJEZojj1GAU7Aw9BEYgDRgLEXN9fcKwlKBHtzG8Q
   a=crypto:8 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_32 inline:S25UFNVOEt0AxFYXcO7deNu/EuVwgn5JE3F2mSI1
   a=crypto:9 AES_CM_128_NULL_AUTH inline:AsQk7OVBUr7oQt2/zZDg9L3CAydmenxV/UudJMls 

After the feature is enabled, follow normal steps for generating SIP info to then input into softphone of Q-Sys core in core manager web gui.