Logitech Zoom Room NUC Recovery Image Information 

Before you begin 
● Only use this recovery media on your Zoom Room Rev 1 (NUC8i5BEH, NUC8i7BEH) or Rev 2 (NUC11TNKi5)
● These instructions are intended to create boot media to recover the Zoom Room NUC.

You will need: 
● A USB stick formatted as FAT32

● The USB stick should be large enough to contain the (unzipped) recovery media 18GB 

● It is strongly recommended that you use the fastest USB media (USB 3.1)  available to you, to minimize the time the re-imaging process takes. 

● A USB Keyboard

Determine the recovery media 
There are two different hardware platforms, depending on which REV you have, you need to download the correct recovery image. Using the wrong recovery media will prevent the system from running optimally.
REV 1 – On the bottom of the NUC there is no sticker clearly identifying the Rev version
REV 2 – On the bottom of the NUC there is a sticker indicating you have a REV2 device, followed by V211 or V213.
Download the Media
  1. REV 1
  2. REV 2

To recover your NUC: 
1. Plug the USB stick you wish to use into your desktop/laptop computer. 2. Right-click the USB stick, and select "Format..."
3. Use the "File system" drop-down to select "FAT32"
4. Click "Start"
5. Extract the recovery ZIP file to the root of your USB stick

a. If the files are unzipped into a single sub-folder on the USB stick, the recovery will not work; you will need to move them out of that sub-folder and into the root of the USB drive. 

b. You should see a file install*.swm at the top level of the drive. 

6. Eject your USB stick from your desktop/laptop computer
7. If your NUC is not already powered off, power it off now by pressing and holding the power button.
8. Connect the USB keyboard.
9. It is recommended to remove all room equipment except the keyboard from your NUC except the Front of Room display(s).
10. Plug your USB stick directly into a blue USB port. Do not use a black port.
11. At the POST boot prompt, press F10 to enter the boot menu
(IMPORTANT: You may need a hardwired USB Keyboard for F10 boot commands to work)
12. From the boot menu choose the USB drive
13. Get a cup of coffee, the imaging process can take some time.
14. Once the restoration process has completed, the system will reboot automatically.
15. Connect your room equipment.
16.After device installation is complete, Windows OOBE will start. The system will now be ready for installation/configuration for use in your environment.
17. IMPORTANT: If you made any BIOS changes, press F2 to enter BIOS and revert any changes made.
While failure to revert changes will not affect imaging process, it may cause boot issues later.
18. Disconnect the keyboard

IMPORTANT: After you finish the recovery process, the password for ZoomAdmin will be reset. You will be required to change the password on the first logon. The current password is empty, do not enter a password in the existing password field. If you forget the password or do not create a password reset disk, and you forget the password, you will need to run through the recovery process again.

If the system fails to boot from the USB drive...
At the POST screen Press F2 to enter the BIOS. If this fails, you will need to plug in your keyboard to the USB-C Port with an adapter.

  1. Click on the Advanced Tab

  2. Click on Devices
  3. Click on USB
  4. On the right side select the port that has the USB drive connected, (do not enable all ports) and set the
    connection to enabled

  5. Press F10 to save the settings and Reboot

Rev 2 NUC

Boot the system into BIOS by pressing F2 on your keyboard
  1. Click on Advanced
  2. Click on USB

3. Select the port that has the USB drive connected, (do not enable all ports) and set the connection to enabled

4. Press F10 Save the settings

NOTE: After re-imaging is complete, you may need to update the Zoom Room application via your Zoom Admin web portal since this image comes with Zoom Room version and we are currently on version 5.11.0.

Zoom User Password Reset

After you reflash zoom or get a preconfigured NUC from logitech, the Password for the Zoom User is still unknown. We only set the Zoom Admin Password. Xoom Admin password (current remains blank) should be set to Zoom123" as our standard default password. Resetting the Zoom user password is not a necessary step as rebooting the PC auto logs in the Zoom account. 

To reset the Zoom User password follow these steps

First fix the registry for netplwiz 

(if you go to netplwiz first, it may not have the settings available to edit so you have to enable them in the registry) 


Then fix the password in the autologin settings under netplwiz


For additional assistance by one of Profound Technologies audio/video specialists. Contact us @ https://profound-tech.com/